Our mission

We Harness the Power of Technology & Human Creativity and we offer it in the form of an inclusive platform for entrepreneurs. Here you can easily buy social media plans, content for your website, product description, or ads campaign. You get a fresh social genie that knows your industry and access to our network of experts that work together to deliver the best products. Simple, 100% online and affordable.

The best part? You don’t have to move a finger to coordinate multiple people or communicate with a digital agency constantly. We got you covered!

3.96 billion

Use social media worldwide

71% of SME's

Use social media to reach their audience and stay in touch, but only 32% post daily.


Spends an entrepreneur on average on social media trying to reach its audience.


Some of our
Social Genies

We’re an ever-growing team of local writers, digital marketers, and social media aficionados. We love sharing knowledge to better ourselves and we believe the key to success in social media is real content made by real people with a digital twist. We bring automation at the service of progress and we harness human creativity to develop a unique product.


Calvin Wilxcox

Credibly innovate granular internal or organic sources whereas high standards in web-readiness.

Lorene Howard

Credibly innovate granular internal or organic sources whereas high standards in web-readiness.

Beth Carver

Credibly innovate granular internal or organic sources whereas high standards in web-readiness.

Social Genio in a nutshell

Unique content
Human-made creative social media plans.
Automation done right!
Instant access to our platform once you pay, full access to your client account.
Creative environment
We Harness the power of technology & Human Creativity.
Dedicated Social Genie
Outstanding Customer Relations and a friendly genie to chat with.
Affordable prices
Our plans start from as little as 125$, with no hidden costs or fees.
Efficient Communication
User-friendly CRM is available on mobile and desktop. Whatsapp, Zoom support.

Need More Hours Every Day to Grow Your Business?

Quit doing everything!

The cure to every entrepreneur's kryptonite, social media content, management & posting!
Forget about inconsistent usage
The reason why every business wants to be on social media is that their competitors are there. Social media is a must-be place, but when you come to the realization that “oh, I haven't posted for two weeks. I have to share something now,” results will lack as much as your online strategy and consistency.
Save time, invest in your business!
Wasting time is never harmless and for an entrepreneur, that is exactly what social media is! Having to acquire constant knowledge of digital trends and functions and adapt to them is a separate job that entrepreneurs add to their list. Work on your business instead of in it.

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Ask a small business owner if they are doing too much, and the answer will most likely be no. Yet, 77% of small businesses said they feel the effects of burnout at work. Making digital marketing requires additional time & knowledge resources in order to be effective. Save time, invest in your business! Get a Social Genie today!

We believe the future of social media content is human! Our social genies are a mix of local writers &international marketing experts that work together to offer you the best digital presence! No bots involved, daily posting, consistent approach!

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