We believe the future of social media content is human! Our social genies are a mix of local writers & international marketing experts that work together to offer you the best digital presence! No bots involved, genuine content, consistent approach!


From only 400$ per month.

Did you know that 85% of consumers search online for a brand before making any decision regarding buying a product or service?

Google is the king of the search engine industry by owning about 75 percent of the overall search market. It’s the clear-cut leader and thus being present is a must for every business.

Having high visibility as a trusted resource by Google and its users that basically search everything online is key for growth. So how do you get there? By being constantly relevant and informative about your industry. Problem is, it’s impossible to build trust and credibility overnight — just like real life. Authority is earned and built over time.

That’s why we are here to help partner up in your content journey! Our articles help you build a local, regional, or industry-level presence with high-quality research, content, and keywords.


Build a credible business


After you create your Social Genio account and purchase your desired plan everything goes as smoothly as it gets. In 3 days’ TOPS, you’re good to go and can forget about your digital worries!


Marketing can be unjustifiably expensive, but we’re here to change that. Our plans start from as little as 400$ a month, suitable for any type of business.


Digital Agencies sometimes charge a lot of standard work. We pride ourselves in being content specialized with a personal approach for each business.


Take Back Your Time!

Need More Hours Every Day to Grow Your Business? Then quit doing everything. Start growing online with a Social Genie!

Our commitment is towards offering fresh & real content at affordable prices.
  • 4 basic articles per month
  • 1 edit per article
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
$550 /month
  • 3 basic articles, 1 industry-specific per month
  • 1 edit per article
  • WordPress upload
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
$700 /month
  • 2 basic, 2 industry-specific articles per month
  • 2 edits per article
  • Expert CopyWriter
  • CMS of choice upload
  • 30 days money back guaranteed

Article Writing Packs include:

Word Count1000-15001000-20001500-2500
Content Level Basic3 Basic, 1 Industry Specific2 Basic, 2 Industry Specific
Article Visual124+
WordPress Upload
CMS of your choice
Edits per article 112
Implementation Time 5 days maximum response time4 days maximum response time2 days maximum response time
Implementation Time 3 4 5
Implementation of Edits Interval5 working days3 working days 2 working days
Initial Keyword research
SEO Structure
Personalized Tone of Voice
Internal Links123+
External Authority Links12+
Monthly Content Audit
Specialized Terminology
Support on E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom

How does it work
Step by Step Guide

Technology used at the service of humans!

Everything you need is in your client account at one click away. All the information, history, and chat support. Time & money saver

1.Purchase a content writing plan

Once you make an account and purchase a plan you’re almost ready. You’re gonna automatically receive an onboarding email where you’ll schedule a meeting with your SM specialist and receive the instructions for giving us partner access into your Google Analytics account. No worries, we’re here to help at every step!

2. Website Analysis & Strategy

We’re getting right onto it! We’ll start immediately analyzing your website activity and your consumer's behavior and make parallel industry research. We’re preparing for a fresh and strong start in order to maximize to the potential of your business.

3. Onboarding Meeting

The next day your designated SM is ready to hear your story and grow your brand. The SM will present you with a list of 10 engaging blog post titles and a set of minimum of 20 SEO-friendly keywords. We are focused on personalized content, specific to your business so getting to know your perspective is extremely important for us. You’ll just have to answer a couple of questions just to make sure we are 100% ready to start creating.

4.Approval & Feedback

Good communication is key for our SM’s, so the approval process is essential in our partnership. Make sure you approve the article or give specific feedback on your desired changes so we can get you up and running. No worries, you’ll get constant reminders and you can book a meeting with your SM for more direct interaction.


Life’s good when you don't have to worry about your brand grow online. We’ve got your back and work for you while you have more time to focus on your business. We’ll keep up with the digital buzz!

Book a meeting

Ask a small business owner if they are doing too much, and the answer will most likely be no. Yet, 77% of small businesses said they feel the effects of burnout at work. Making digital marketing requires additional time & knowledge resources in order to be effective. Save time, invest in your business! Get a Social Genie today!

Questions answered along the road

1. Can I suggest article titles to the SM?

You are the best knowledge base about your business. We value your insight and we let you upload in the Client Materials section all the information you believe is relevant. At the beginning of each month, you also have a meeting with your SM in order to agree on the article titles of that time period in which you can make your suggestions. No worries, the final list is also approved by you.

2. What can I edit in an article?

Clear communication is key so you’ll have to give us specific feedback of changes you want us to make from the tone of voice, specific words, examples. The topics themselves are preapproved with you each month so you’ll definitely have a say in that as well.

3. How can I use an article?

However, you want! You have full property rights over your articles and you can post them on your blog, use them in newsletters and third-party promotions, etc.

4. When can I book a meeting?

You can book a meeting before paying for a content writing plan if you feel like you need to personally meet a Social Media Specialist or if you just want to chat with me. As an active client, you have your dedicated 15 minutes meeting each week with your SM just to have a human channel of interaction.

5. Do you use automation and bots for content creation?

We use research and automation tools that help our SM deliver exceptional content personalized for your business. Your SM is the mastermind behind your content writing articles all the time. We are strong believers in human content that attracts real people, more of community communicators rather than standard social media articles.

Why Blog articles?

1. 85% of Consumers Conduct Online Research Before Making a Purchase Online

Being highly visible on trusted resources by Google is extremely valuable these days. Consumer behaviour has changed and people value presence and credibility. Google rewards being active on your blogs by increasing your visibility in the buying cycle of your clients.

2. Organic Search Is Most Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic

Google’s algorithm favors organic search results. Customers have more trust in organic results hence the engine favors the websites that invest in offering quality information about their users’ search.

3. Content Writing Builds Trust & Credibility

Writing random content for your website is a clear-cut mistake a lot of businesses do. Having a long-term strategy with diverse and relevant content is what builds brand authority in time. Your products and services have the best chance on the market once they have an established search position.

4. Blog Articles Impact the Buying Cycle

People buy what they trust. Their trust comes from the first pages of google that come up for their relevant searches. Having keyword research behind any article and being able to be consistent over time is the magic recipe that will persuade customers that you are indeed the best choice for their needs.

5. Blog Articles Build a Long-Term Strategy

You can have an organic presence for years once you have an established blog with valuable information. You’ll remain an authority in the search engine if it’s done right with high-quality content.


We believe the future of social media content is human! Our social genies are a mix of local writers &international marketing experts that work together to offer you the best digital presence! No bots involved, daily posting, consistent approach!

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