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Social Media

From only 125$ per month.

You have a good business and people seem to find your services and products really helpful. Why don’t you grow online? Often, it’s the lack of consistency in social media letting you down.

With over 1 billion users on each social network, Social Genio’s main focus is building content & visual strategy that will assure your business consistent attention. Equally important is having a personalized and diverse content calendar that keeps your followers engaged and growing in size each week.

The social media industry is based on consistency! The social media algorithm of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter create your audience timeline based on the type of content they engage or are most likely to like.

Engagement = Clicks = Cash, so social platforms will decrease the visibility of your page if you don’t post consistently and will reward you with digital „air time” on your audience’s feed if you post quality content. I

If you’re too spammy and only post about your products again, your SERP ranking (Search Engine Results Pages) will decrease.

Our focus?
Our focus? Being part of your story with high-quality content, diversified for your brand personality.


Unique, Human Content for real businesses!


After you create your Social Genio account and purchase your desired plan everything goes as smoothly as it gets. In 3 days’ TOPS, you’re good to go and can forget about your digital worries!


Marketing can be unjustifiably expensive, but we’re here to change that. Our plans start from as little as 125$ a month, suitable for any type of business.


Digital Agencies sometimes charge a lot of standard work. We pride ourselves in being content specialized with a personal approach for each business. That’s why you have direct contact with your Social Media Specialist.


Take Back Your Time! Daily fresh posting

Our commitment is towards offering fresh & real content with affordable prices.
Monthly subscription - No contract
  • 3 posts/week
  • 1 custom graphic/month
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
Monthly subscription - No contract
  • 5 posts/week
  • 2 video posts/month
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
$280 /month
Monthly subscription - No contract
  • 7 posts/week
  • Weekly video posts
  • Expert Social Media Specialist
  • 30 days money back guaranteed

Social Media Posting Packs include:

Posts Number357
Boost Post1 per week2 per week
Channels*fb* *ig* *li* *twt**fb* *ig* *li* *twt**fb* *ig* *li* *twt*
Post Customization for each network 1 Network 2 Networks All Networks
Custom Graphics (ex Infographic)1 per month2 per month1 per week
Video2 per month1 per week
Negative Comment curation
Social Media Specialist Familiar with your niche Familiar with your niche Expert on your niche
Weekly Edits 3 4 5
Implementation of Edits Interval5 working days3 working days 2 working days
Personalized Tone of Voice
Weekly Post Research
Support on E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom

How does it work
Step by Step Guide

Technology used at the service of humans! Everything you need
is in your client account at one click away. All the information, history
and chat support.

Time & money saver!

1.Purchase a social media management plan

Once you make an account and purchase a plan you’re almost ready. You’re gonna automatically receive an onboarding email where you’ll schedule a meeting with your SM specialist and receive the instructions for giving us partner access into your social media accounts. No worries, we’re here to help at every step!

2.Social Analysis & Strategy

We’re getting right onto it! We’ll start immediately analyzing your social activity and your consumers behaviour and make parallel industry research. We’re preparing for a fresh and strong start in order to maximise to potential of your business.

3.Onboarding Meeting

The next day your designated SM is ready to hear your story and grow your brand. The SM will present you with a list of suggestions and will chat to you constantly. We are focused on personalized content, specific to your business so getting to know your perspective is extremely important for us. You’ll just have to answer a couple of questions just to make sure we are 100% ready to start creating.

4.Approval & Feedback

Good communication is key for our SM’s, so the approval process is essential in our partnership. At the beginning of each week, you will receive your social media calendar. Make sure you approve it or give specific feedback on your desired changes so we can get you up and running. No worries, you’ll get constant reminders and you can book a meeting with your SM for more direct interaction.


Life’s good when you don't have to worry about your brand grow online. We’ve got your back and work for you while you have more time to focus on your business. We’ll keep up with the digital buzz!


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Ask a small business owner if they are doing too much, and the answer will most likely be no. Yet, 77% of small businesses said they feel the effects of burnout at work. Making digital marketing requires additional time & knowledge resources in order to be effective. Save time, invest in your business! Get a Social Genie today!

Questions answered along the road

Can I make post suggestions to the SM?

You are the best knowledge base about your business. We value your insight and we let you upload in the Client Materials section all the information you believe is relevant. At the beginning of each month you also have a meeting with your SM in order to agree on the monthly direction and each week you can add upcoming events, interesting posts, articles, new photos from your business, anything you find interesting. No worries, each social media calendar is also approved by you. Simple, human, automated!

What type of content will i get?

Your social media calendar is designed for your brand’s personality. Your social media specialist will create diverse content with videos, images, and engaging copy for your audience. Fresh and researched content for a long-term strategy that grows your account!

What can I edit in a post?

Clear communication is key so you’ll have to give us specific feedback of changes you want us to make from the tone of voice, specific words, visuals. The more exact you are in your feedback, you can improve the quality of our communication and speed in implementation.

What happens if i want to pass the 3 times edit limit?

You can reduce the number of edits available for next week or you can pay an extra fee of 10$ per extra edit. According to your desired plan, we took care to offer you the possibility to make a reasonable amount of changes.

When can I book a meeting?

You can book a meeting before paying for a content writing plan if you feel like you need to personally meet a Social Media Specialist or if you just want to chat with us. As an active client, you have your dedicated 15 minutes meeting each week with your SM just to have a human channel of interaction.

Do you use automation and bots for content creation?

We use research and automation tools that help our SM deliver exceptional content personalized for your business. Your SM is the mastermind behind your social media calendar all the time. We are strong believers in human content that attracts real people, more of community communicators rather than standard social media posts.

Why do you include boost posts in all packs?

Social media platforms are an industry. Organic reach is inefficient without a weekly post that can put our high-quality content in the good graces of the platform’s algorithms. In this way, we’ll appear more often in the feed of your audience and reach other people.

The boost posts budget is not included in the pack. The budget is decided by the client according to its needs. Boost posts do no include setting up an ad account. You can choose this extra service from your client account. 

What type of visuals do you use?

We only use stock videos & images for content creation, as well as custom graphics. We strongly advise customers to upload their own photos in order to create real social media content based on them. If no photos are provided, in some industries such as beauty, restaurants, hotels, etc the posting plans will significantly reduce its impact on your audience feed.  


We believe the future of social media content is human! Our social genies are a mix of local writers &international marketing experts that work together to offer you the best digital presence! No bots involved, daily posting, consistent approach!

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