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Copywriting requires a forward-thinking vision that can offer your business double website conversion rates – as SEO done poorly can seriously harm your business, it is best to make sure your content is always optimized for both users and search engines.

Which is exactly what we have in store for you: from newsletter and e-mail templates to AdCopy and promotional or website content, choose the Content Marketing Package that best fits your needs.

Our focus?
Use your content to its fullest potential

Increase your visibility online!Add - Ons Benefits

Use your social content to make an impact. If you produce amazing posts and offer outstanding products, but you have minimal reach and interaction, this means that your audience doesn’t have access to your business. Connect with the right people fast and hassle-free!

Dedicated Social Genie

After you purchase any service on Social Genio, you get a dedicated social media specialist that will handle all your extra requests.


Marketing can be unjustifiably expensive, but we’re here to change that. Our plans start from as little as $79 a month.

Pay-as-you-go Service

You have direct control of what you are paying for. Transparent, fair, no string attached.


Copywriting Services Overview
Packages & Offers

Our commitment is towards offering fresh & engaging content that drives awareness
Ads Copy
One time
  • Up to 300 words
  • Content Strategy
  • Headlines included
Promotional Content
  • Up to 1000 words
  • Newsletter, E-mail templates: sales, nurturing
  • Brochure, Flyer Content
Product Description
  • Up to 1500 words
  • Clear, structured copy
  • SEO Friendly
Website Content
One Time
  • Up to 2000 words
  • SEO Friendly
  • Website structure included

Overview of Packs

Ads CopyPromotional ContentProduct DescriptionWebsite Content
Up to 300 wordsUp to 1000 wordsUp to 1500 wordsUp to 2000 words
Content StrategyNewsletter, E-mail templates: sales, nurturingClear, structured copyWebsite structure included
Headlines includedBrochure, Flyer ContentSEO FriendlySEO Friendly
Social Media Specialist
Support on E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom E-mail, Whatsapp, ZoomE-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom

How it

– Step by Step Guide

1.Purchase a copywriting add-on

Once you make an account and purchase a plan you’re almost ready. You’re gonna automatically receive an onboarding email where you’ll schedule a meeting with your Social Genie and receive instructions. No worries, we’re here to help at every step!

2. Analysis & Strategy

We’re getting right onto it! We’ll start immediately analyzing your website activity and your consumer's behavior and make parallel industry research. We’re preparing for a fresh and strong start in order to maximize the potential of your business.

3. Onboarding Meeting

The next day your designated Social Genie is ready to hear your story and grow your brand. The SM will present you with strategy possibilities for your brand in order to choose the best one to start creating. We are focused on personalized content, specific to your business so getting to know your perspective is extremely important for us. You’ll just have to answer a couple of questions just to make sure we are 100% ready to start creating.

4. Strategy & Content Approval

Good communication is key for our SM’s, so the approval process is essential in our partnership. Make sure you approve the strategy as well as the texts and images or give specific feedback to your desired changes so we can get you up and running. No worries, you’ll get constant reminders and you can book a meeting with your SM for more direct interaction.

5. Enjoy

Life’s good when you don't have to worry about your brand grow online. We’ve got your back and we work while you have more time to focus on your business. We’ll keep up with the digital buzz!

Book a meeting

Whenever you feel the need for a human touch, do not hesitate to book a call with us. If it's about your already active account, wanting to add a new one or just thinking about giving us a try, we’re here to answer all of your questions.

Questions answered

1. Can I suggest keywords to use in your copywriting?

Of course – it’s important that we have your perspective at hand when doing the copywriting for your business. Our onboarding call will help us grasp what your company is all about, but if you feel like you want certain words or phrases to always be included in our copy, just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

2. Can I read the content you write before to see if I want changes?

As soon as we have it ready for you, you will be notified by email – we actually request your approval at every step, so be sure to check everything we upload in your Customer Account. You are encouraged to always give feedback and be specific when you want parts of the content changed.

3. Will the content be optimized for SEO?

Yes. We understand the importance of search engine optimization, which is why we always research your business’ industry before starting to write. All of our content is SEO-friendly so that you can reach out to people as organically as possible.

4. When can I book a meeting?

If you feel like you need to have a chat with us first, booking a meeting before buying a copywriting plan is completely fine. We’ll walk you through the whole creation process and, after purchasing your desired plan, we will stay in touch through our weekly 15-minute calls.

5. Do you use automation and bots for content creation?

What we use are automation and research tools that help us get as personalized as possible when it comes to your business. However, we firmly believe human content is the way to real people, so everything is written by our Social Media Specialists – we communicate towards your community, not to the social media platforms only.


We believe the future of social media content is human! Our social genies are a mix of local writers &international marketing experts that work together to offer you the best digital presence! No bots involved, daily posting, consistent approach!

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