59 % of global consumers use social media as a source of inspiration for purchases.
Is your business present?


From only 215$ per month.

Did you know that only 6% of your content on Facebook reaches your audience without a parallel ads campaign?

The ads industry is the primary source of profit for Facebook and Google. This means that even if you create quality content on your social profiles without ongoing traffic and likes campaign your impact is minimal versus your true potential.

Now, getting started is easier than you think, but there are a few mistakes people usually make. You need to invest a lot of time to create a strategy for your campaign, creating the right targeting and monitoring & optimizing the campaigns overtime.

That’s why we are here to help partner up in your digital journey! Our ads management plans help your business remain relevant and present in your audience’s feed while your competition in the online world increases.

Our focus?
Decreasing costs while maximizing results for your brand with a keen eye on ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)!

Increase your visibility online!Make the algorithms push your content straight up in your audience feed.

Use your content to make an impact. If you produce amazing posts and offer outstanding products, but you have minimal reach and interaction, this means that your audience doesn’t have access to your business. Connect with the right people fast and hassle-free!


After you create your Social Ace account and purchase your desired plan everything goes as smooth as it gets. In 3 days TOPS you’re good to go and can forget about your digital worries!


Marketing can be unjustifiably expensive, but we’re here to change that. Our plans start from as little as $215 a month, suitable for any type of business.


Digital Agencies sometimes charge a lot of standard work. We pride ourselves in being content specialized with a personal approach for each business.


Ads Overview Packages & Offers

Our commitment is towards offering fresh & engaging ads that drive awareness.
$215 /month
  • 1 campaign
  • Basic Ad Targeting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
  • 2 campaigns
  • Basic Ad Targeting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 30 days money back guaranteed
  • 3 campaigns
  • Advanced Ad Targeting
  • Expert Ad Specialist
  • Weekly Reporting
  • 30 days money back guaranteed

Overview of Ads

Number of Campaigns123
Targeting Level Basic BasicAdvanced
Ad Creation Images/Carusels
Short Videos included
Ad Creation - Texts & Headlines
Campaign Budget Recommendation
Weekly Optimizations
Ads Specialist
Reports Monthly Monthly Weekly
Support on E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom E-mail, Whatsapp, Zoom

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How it

– Step by Step Guide

1.Purchase an ads management plan

Once you make an account and purchase a plan you’re almost ready. You’re gonna automatically receive an onboarding email where you’ll schedule a meeting with your Ads specialist and receive the instructions for giving us partner access into your Google Analytics account and advertising account. No worries, we’re here to help at every step!

2. Website Analysis & Strategy

We’re getting right onto it! We’ll start immediately analyzing your website activity and your consumer's behavior and make parallel industry research. We’re preparing for a fresh and strong start in order to maximize the potential of your business.

3. Onboarding Meeting

The next day your designated AM is ready to hear your story and grow your brand. The SM will present you with strategy possibilities for your brand in order to choose the best one to start creating. We are focused on personalized content, specific to your business so getting to know your perspective is extremely important for us. You’ll just have to answer a couple of questions just to make sure we are 100% ready to start creating.

4. Strategy & Content Approval

Good communication is key for our SM’s, so the approval process is essential in our partnership. Make sure you approve the strategy as well as the texts and images or give specific feedback to your desired changes so we can get you up and running. No worries, you’ll get constant reminders and you can book a meeting with your SM for more direct interaction.

5.Launch -

Once we’ll have your approval we’ll step up the campaign and launch it into the digital world. Don’t worry, we’ll be right next by its side. Please keep in mind that in the first 7 days the campaign is barely optimizing and the algorithms are learning. In the initial phase, we need to learn what the data feed us.

6. Monitoring & Optimizations -

- Every 3 days we are ready to make changes to your campaigns according to ads best practices. We are constantly here to monitor the campaigns and improve them for maximizing results.

7. Enjoy

Life’s good when you don't have to worry about your brand grow online. We’ve got your back and we work while you have more time to focus on your business. We’ll keep up with the digital buzz!

Book a meeting

Whenever you feel the need for a human touch, do not hesitate to book a call with us. If it's about your already active account, wanting to add a new one or just thinking about giving us a try, we’re here to answer all of your questions.

Questions answered

1. Are you offering full service for ADS MANAGEMENT?

Yes, We handle the entire process from strategy, to creatives and optimization. According to your selected plan you have access to video, single image, carousel creation.

2. How fast is it live?

3 working days if you follow our communication flow and reply on the same day to our input. We are immediately focused to deliver results from the second your plan is purchased.

3. Who monitors the campaigns?

Your AD Specialist uses automated tools to grasp a better insight into your data. Our focus is decreasing the cost per objective while maximizing results.

4. When can I book a meeting?

You can book a meeting before paying an ads management plan if you feel like you need to personally meet a Social Media Specialist or if you just want to chat with us. As an active client, you have your dedicated 15 minutes meeting each week with your SM just to have a human channel of interaction

5. Do you use automation and bots for content creation?

We use research and automation tools that help our SM deliver exceptional content personalized for your business. Your SM is the mastermind behind your content writing articles all the time. We are strong believers in human content that attracts real people, more of community communicators rather than standard social media articles.

6.Is there a minimum budget per campaign?

No. The campaign budget which is different from our management fee is the amount you want to spend on the social platform. We are going to make recommendations and inform you of the minimum amount that will generate results.

7. On what platforms do you advertise?

Mainly Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin but we are more than open to help you expand your business in other places. Give us a call for a customized plan.


We believe the future of social media content is human! Our social genies are a mix of local writers &international marketing experts that work together to offer you the best digital presence! No bots involved, daily posting, consistent approach!

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