8 ideas of Social Media posts

If you have an online business, it is important to have constant, relevant and interactive content on Social Media. Sometimes this can be very difficult, it takes a lot of creativity and a lot of time to document what you want. So, I come to your aid with 8 content ideas to share on social networks, where to share it and in what form.

There are several types of content that we can publish on social media, but the main types are: images, stories and video content.

The most important content on social media is the video, because they are the largest organic reach.


1) Informative posts

The best social networks where we can publish informative content are LikedIn and Twitter, but they should not be missing on Facebook or Instagram. An example of an informative post is a blog article distributed on social networks.

For such posts we use the direct link for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, but for Instagram we will use static posts, carousel or stories.

Informative posts also include posts behind the “curtain” or posts that answer public questions. This type of posting will help you build a strong relationship with your audience.


2) Educational posts

Free tips are welcome on any social network, but they will have a plus on Instagram, because they will generate saves and distributions in stories, which is a big plus to organic growth.

Social media tips are best taken in the form of an infographic. Wondering what an infographic is? Well, infographics are graphical visual representations of information, information, or knowledge designed to provide quick, clear information. Through infographics you will increase your engagement, because they are a powerful form of content on Social Media.


3) Promotional posts

Promotional posts are the ones that introduce you to services or products. The best way to present your products in 2022 is through videos or Instagram reels. Instagram Reels are those short videos (1080 x 1920 px) that generate a lot of organic views.

For this type of content, in a content plan strategy, Regulation 80/20 applies. This rule indicates that 80% of social media posts should be useful to your audience, that is, educate, entertain, or provide a solution to their problems, and only 20% should explicitly promote your business.

These types of posts include: promotions, discounts, etc.


4) Funny posts

This type of content has the role of arousing emotion, generating distributions and comments. It can appear on social media in all sorts of forms, such as: still images, carousel, stories, but also videos. Facebook and Instagram rank as the best place to share fun and funny content.


5) Testimonial

Posting that will bring credibility to your audience because you will publish people who have enjoyed your products or reviews.

Ascetic type posts are perfect for Facebook and Instagram. They can be in the form of a still image or video.


6) Interactive posts

Interactive posts have the role of making the business interact with the audience. They can be in the form of questions, this or that, riddles. The best way he can interact with the audience is through stories, because you can use the tools that Instagram offers, so that he can do QnA, polls, this or that.


7) Posts generated by people

Here you talk about people looking for a service or article of your business and they published a story, or a picture or a video about it. We can redistribute that type of content on our pages as well, giving it credibility.


8) Quote

When we post a quote, it must be related to our brand. They are the easiest type of content to post on Social Media.

This type of content includes very well, as most quotes are motivational. They can be in the form of a picture or a story.

I would suggest them on Instagram as a photo post, because the audience can save them (a very important thing for organic growth).

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