Successful brand? 5 elements for an authentic identity

Do you want to create a successful brand like no other? 

Social Genio is here to fulfill your desire. This is what you need to take into consideration, among other things, when you want to grow your business and learn how global brands differ from local ones. 



No matter what field your brand belongs to, the logo is indispensable. 

Do an exercise in imagination and think of a brand that does not have a logo. 

Do you feel like that business doesn’t even exist? That’s right. The most important element of your brand identity is its logo and how recognizable it is.

You need to know that a logo is not about communication, it’s about identification. 


Question: What do the Apple logo and Apple phone have in common? 

successful brand

Answer: Nothing. 







Colors sometimes communicate more than words. 

The color palette you choose for your brand is another key element when working on identity.


With the help of colors, we express the personality and the values of the brand. Using a large number of colors can confuse the consumer and make the process of recognizing a brand difficult. 







Similar to slogans, taglines are the brand’s written message. The personality, values and mission of a brand can be expressed through the short message that sometimes accompanies the logo. 

A good tagline can awaken in the mind of the consumer the image of your brand, without seeing the logo. 

These are some of the most popular taglines in the world. (HubSpot) ⬇️ 




A successful brand also emphasizes the font when creating its identity. Global businesses do not choose at random what style of writing to use.

The message is often hidden behind the way it communicates. 


Ps: it is recommended to use a maximum of two fonts in visual communication.


Positioning is the place a brand occupies in the mind of the consumer. When building your personal brand, think about how it is defined in comparison to others.

Does what you sell have a higher or lower price than your competitors? Help the consumer position you on the right track. 



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