How to tell your super brand story?

Every success story also has a superhero. But your brand also has a story, right? Maybe what you didn’t know it is that he has a story like a superhero.

Wondering how and how your story is similar to a superhero story? Keep calm, that’s why I prepared this blog article for you. Read it to the end and learn how to tell your story like a hero.

First of all you have to ask yourself:

  • What kind of hero is your brand?
  • What are the superpowers?
  • What are the origins?
  • What is the mission?
  • What are the enemies?


1. What kind of hero is your brand?

To begin with, let’s not forget that the brand must be humanized, because people relate more easily to other people, to problems, to emotions, to the way of being. Don’t forget that humans, but also superheroes have weaknesses, for example Superman and kryptonite. So be transparent, nobody is perfect!

By humanizing your brand, people will relate to the hero of your story. They will transpose into the story and go through the same journey as your hero. They will defeat good and find the super power they need, more precisely they will find a solution to their problems.

2. What are the brand’s superpowers?

brandAll super heroes have a unique power, you won’t find any similar. Don’t try to have it all, be both Spiderman and Superman as you might fail. Find out your unique superpower and try to develop it, but also how you can control it.

Use your USP (unique selling proposition). This is that thing that makes your business better than the competition. It is a specific and clear benefit that makes your business stand out compared to other businesses in your market.

A good example of a USP is that of M&Ms. “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

3. What are the origins of the brand?

super brandThink about the purpose of your brand and tell its story!

For example, maybe you wanted to save the Earth from global warming and that’s how your eco-friendly products were born.

Remember, your story must inspire.

4. What is the mission of your brand?

What is your purpose? How can you help people with your special powers?

For example, Social Genio’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs with quality content for their business, helping them save time and money!

Social Genio is the genie in the digital lamp that fulfills your 3 wishes: more time, online visibility and increase sales.

5. What are the enemies of your brand?

brandOne thing we all know is that in any story we meet the forces of good and the forces of evil. What is your main “enemy” against whom you fight?

For example, a brand with BIO products fights against unhealthy products.

Your enemy is also the enemy of your target audience. But as we well know, in most good stories, the forces of good defeat the forces of evil.

One last tip, don’t forget symbols. If you see a big red S on a yellow background, what do you think of? Obviously Superman, right?

A brand’s logo, colors, fonts, typographic styles are necessary elements for any strong brand.

Now that you know your brand story is actually a superhero story, you need help getting it across on social media as well. Batman had Robin, and you can have a Social Genie.



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