Importance of graphic design in Social Media

Every business needs to understand the importance of graphic design, because graphic materials have a higher performance than those with plain text.

The first impression matters, and the visuals capture the person’s attention in an instant before scrolling through the content of the text.

Did you know that in about 90% of cases, the information transmitted to the brain contains visual elements, the images being processed 60,000 times faster than a text?

A good graphic design will not only generate more followers, likes or shares, but will also lead and lead the audience to the website.

Tips for creating social media graphics:

  • Use high quality images or photos;
  • Uses a variety of visuals;
  • Add your business logo or other information to graphics;
  • Use your brand fonts and colors for all graphics;
  • Use the dimensions recommended by the various social networks.

Before we start making a visual for social media, we need to establish the purpose and who we want our message to reach.

The purpose or objectives must be S.M.A.R.T:

S = specific goal (what to do?)
M = measurable (can it be measured?)
A = accessible (can it be accessed?)
R = relevant (should be done?)
T = time (start and end date set)

The purpose of a visual can be:

  • Generate sales
  • Gather subscribers
  • It generates commitment
  • Increase the number of followers
  • Bring traffic to the website

For both campaigns and feed posts, you need to:

  1. We set a clear goal
    Ex: increase sales by 20% in March / get 200 followers in 10 days

2. We establish the communication channels

Ex: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

3. We establish the graphic line

4. We determine the materials we will use

Ex: photos, videos, illustrations


In today’s blog we will talk about:

  1. How to choose the right colors
  2. How to add visual text
  3. How to choose the right fonts
  4. What are the principles in graphic design
  5. Where to find materials

1. How do we choose the right colors for our posts?

To make the color palette that we will use on social media, we start from the logo. Why? Because the logo is considered the main symbol of identity and the brand itself.

Normally the logo consists of 1-3 colors, which does not allow us to diversify for social media posts, but we can choose shades derived from brand colors and contrasts in our social media posts.

Below, I will list some colors and their meaning:

Red – youth, courage, love, passion, power, spontaneity, speed, elegance.

Blue – trust, responsibility, devotion, loyalty, care, peace, calm.

Violet – mystery, spirituality, nostalgia, refinement, royalty, wisdom, relaxation, wealth, abundance.

Green – wealth, health, prestige, security, tact, vitality, compassion, generosity, prosperity.

Yellow – optimism, joy, hope, creativity, happiness, motivation, enthusiasm, wisdom.

Orange – adventure, energy, extroversion, risk taking, happiness, optimism, positivism.

Pink – love, sensuality, compassion, understanding, hope, calm, pampering, femininity, innocence.

Brown – trust, stability, endurance, seniority, tradition, friendship, honesty.

Black – seriousness, power, value, elegance, formality, comfort, mystery.

White – innocence, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, equality.

Play with color combinations – bright and eye-catching shades will increase user engagement. However, make sure your colors are in balance.

2. How do we add text to visuals?

When adding visual text it is important to balance. Inserting text that is too long in visuals can be very difficult, so it’s a good idea to limit yourself to the message you want to convey and use your keywords.

When adding text, we must take into account the contrast of the image or background so that it is visible. We cannot add white text on a pale yellow background, as it will be difficult to read.

Another rule of thumb is to ventilate the elements. For example, if we have an image with a person, we do not cover their face with text.

3. How do we choose the right fonts for our brand?

Like colors, the printing house informs the public about the personality of your brand. The right font can improve your social media graphics and send the right message to your followers.

In graphics it is allowed to choose 3 fonts, it is recommended to play with 2 fonts to increase the consistency of the brand.

When it comes to choosing the right font, it depends on your specific values ​​and traits. While Serif fonts are traditional, Sans Serif is modern and more natural. Don’t forget to use readable fonts.


4. What are the principles in graphic design?

Design principles to consider when making social media posts:

a) Hierarchy – Arranging the visual elements in order of importance. You can do this by playing with size, contrast, and space between elements.

b) Balance – Having an equal visual weight in an image will create harmony.

c) Contrast – Puts elements with opposite colors, sizes, or textures to highlight them.

5. Where do we find materials for social media posts?

There are many tools that can provide us with materials for posting on social media, but a very friendly tool is Canva. It offers you a wide range of photos, illustrations, as well as high quality free videos and templates that you can use.

So, if you need a strong online presence, do not hesitate to turn to a social genie, both for a visual with a strong impact, but also for a text / description with a captivating message.


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